At Always Orthodontics, we provide you with highly specialized clinical care in an atmosphere conducive to excellent customer satisfaction. Personalized orthodontic treatment is brought to you by one of Syosset’s only Board Certified Orthodontists, Dr. Ava Kamenshchik. We offer traditional metal and ceramic (clear) braces, clear aligner treatment, retainers, surgical orthodontics, interceptive orthodontics, as well as other orthodontic services. This office utilizes current technologies, including a lower dosage digital x-ray machine and a 3D intra-oral scanner.


As one of Syosset’s only Board Certified Orthodontists, Dr. Ava Kamenshchik and her team will provide the finest quality orthodontic care in a professional, caring, and comfortable environment, utilizing the most up to date technology. They will help transform your smile into a beautiful and healthy one – a smile that you can be proud of.


We are here for you, and value your time! Maximizing insurance benefits, low down payments and flexible payment plans are all in place to help you towards your goal of having straight teeth.


Always Orthodontics utilizes current technologies, including a lower dosage digital x-ray machine and a 3D intra-oral scanner, making goopy orthodontic impressions a thing of the past! We can even simulate your new smile at your complimentary consultation appointment!


Orthodontic Emergencies

Although TRUE orthodontic emergencies are a rarity, there are some instances that can warrant an after hours visit. If your questions or concerns cannot be answered by the following recommendations from The American Association of Orthodontists, please call the office at (516) 253-1016 for further instructions.  

Tips for Getting Through Your First Week in Braces:

Congratulations on beginning your journey to a straighter, more confident smile! Let us walk you through a few tips and tricks to help you conquer your first week in braces, with a smile!   Don’t be afraid to take an over-the-counter pain reliever for any soreness or discomfort upon arriving at home after getting your […]

All About Your 3M Clarity Aligners:

Many of our patients are being successfully treated with 3M Clarity Aligners to straighten their teeth. It is recommended that Clarity Aligners be worn full time (day and night), and must be removed prior to eating and brushing. Keeping your trays clean is very important and should be incorporated into your daily oral hygiene routine.  […]

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At Always Orthodontics, patients are treated like family from the moment they walk in. They are welcomed into the office with kindness and sincerity and are always seen by Dr. Ava. We are not an assembly line type of practice, nor do we deliver one size fits all treatment. Our dedicated staff will assist in delivering customized treatment plans tailored to your specific concerns.