All About Your 3M Clarity Aligners:

Many of our patients are being successfully treated with 3M Clarity Aligners to straighten their teeth. It is recommended that Clarity Aligners be worn full time (day and night), and must be removed prior to eating and brushing. Keeping your trays clean is very important and should be incorporated into your daily oral hygiene routine.  Below you will find some frequently asked questions about your Clarity Aligners.

How Do I Place My Trays In Properly?

Proper placement of your aligners is key to making sure the do their job of straightening your teeth.

To place your trays properly, align them with your front teeth and apply gentle pressure in the molar region and press up to hear a “click”. Try not to bite your aligners into place, as it may weaken them and cause breakage of the trays.

To remove the aligners, start from the back of the mouth, gently pull the edge of the aligners up from the molar region to loosen the trays.  Do not start from the front teeth, as it may apply too much pressure.


How Should I Clean My Clarity Aligners?

Using a toothbrush and cool water, gently brush your aligners.

Do NOT be tempted to use toothpaste, it will dull the appearance of your aligners.


What to Do When You are NOT Wearing Your Aligners:

When aligners are not worn, they should be placed inside their case. Dr. Ava will provide you a case to properly fit your aligners. NEVER wrap them in a tissue, napkin or paper towel, as they may be easily thrown away or misplaced. This will avoid the need to go dumpster-diving for your misplaced aligners!


Do I Have to Brush Before Putting My Aligners Back In?

Before putting your Clarity Aligners back in after eating, it is recommended that you brush and floss. If that is not possible, you may swish with water. Remember to wear your aligners as instructed by Dr. Ava, and to attend your appointments so that we can make sure your teeth are moving properly in the trays. Failure to do so may extend your treatment time.

Remember to wear your aligners to your appointment, and to bring any unused aligners as well.

If your Clarity Aligners are ever lost or broken, please contact our office at 516-253-1016 to learn about what to do next.

We welcome you to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Ava!