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How long does it take to straighten my teeth?

Once Dr. Ava evaluates your smile at your free consultation, we will determine how long your specific treatment will take. Depending on the extent of your orthodontic needs, treatment may take as little as six months; however, it may take over two years for complex cases. You’re welcome to call us at 516-253-1016 or request an appointment here.

We’ll work with most insurances. We also have low down payments and flexible payment plans to help you towards your goal of having straight teeth. Always Orthodontics is conveniently located in Syosset. We also care for members of other Long Island communities, including Woodbury, Muttontown, Jericho, East Norwich, Hicksville, Plainview, Old Bethpage, Laurel Hollow, Oyster Bay, Nassau County, and Suffolk County.

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About Braces, Clear Aligners, and Retainers

We offer traditional metal and ceramic braces, clear aligner treatment, retainers, surgical orthodontics, interceptive orthodontics, as well as other orthodontic services.  Traditional braces, like clear aligners, move your teeth gradually into a desired position, however, there are a variety of other orthodontic appliances that may be used to straighten your teeth, depending on your specific needs. Our goal is to answer your questions and to keep our patients informed. Here are some basic questions and answers to get you started.

1. What are clear aligners?

Clear aligner treatment consists of a series of clear plastic aligner trays that fit over your teeth. They are changed at regular intervals as prescribed by the orthodontist. Clear aligners gradually move teeth into their desired position and should be worn all day (except during eating and brushing/flossing). Although they rely more on compliance than traditional metal or ceramic braces, their benefits include improved oral hygiene and less opportunities for emergencies to arise during treatment. Schedule an appointment today and have a 3D image of your teeth made to see if you may benefit from clear aligner treatment!

2. What is the difference between metal and ceramic braces?

Traditional braces consist of brackets and wires, and can be customized by color ties. Both metal and ceramic braces move teeth incrementally into their desired positions. The ceramic (clear) braces are less visible than metal braces, and are a more aesthetic option between the two. Before and during treatment with braces, proper oral hygiene is very important!

3. What is a retainer?

After orthodontic treatment is over, a retainer is used to hold teeth in their desired positions. There are two types of retainers; ones that can be removed, and ones that are permanently attached to the teeth (on the inside). The removable retainers are either made out of acrylic and metal, or a plastic-like material, customized to your mouth. Once treatment is finished, they are worn throughout the day and night, then eventually only worn nightly. If retainers are not worn, then the teeth will shift back to being crooked, negating the purpose of treatment in the first place!

How old do you have to be to get braces or clear aligners?

When it comes to straight teeth, age is not a limiting factor! The American Academy of Orthodontics recommends that a child be evaluated by an orthodontic specialist by the age of seven. At Always Orthodontics, we happily treat children and adults of all ages.

1. Interceptive Treatment: Phase I

Occasionally, children have certain needs that can be resolved before all of their adult teeth are present. Dr. Ava will assess each child’s needs, and if necessary, can intercept an orthodontic issue before it turns into a problem. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends a child be evaluated for orthodontic care at age 7. Usually Phase I treatment consist of an oral appliance and/or some braces to accomplish our goals. After Phase I treatment has ended, your child will be monitored by us until they are ready to be evaluated for comprehensive orthodontic treatment.

2. Adolescent Orthodontics: Phase II

Typically, treatment for our teenage patients include braces or aligners, followed by retainers. We look forward to helping your teen gain more confidence, so they may face the world with a smile! Please give us a call at 516-253-1016 or request an appointment here.

3. Adult Orthodontics

With more adults seeking to correct their orthodontic problems, adult treatment is on the rise. A 3D scan of your mouth will determine if aligners or braces are the right choice to improve your smile. Braces and aligners aren’t just for kids, everyone should have the opportunity to have the smile they’ve always wanted! We’d be happy to schedule you for a free consultation, just call us at 516-253-1016 or request an appointment here.

Why should I see an Orthodontist instead of starting an “at home” treatment?

Often times, at home treatments may not fully correct your teeth and bite. According to the American Dental Association, it “strongly discourages” the practice of do-it-yourself orthodontics because it may cause patients potential harm. Dr. Ava is a thoroughly trained and experienced board certified orthodontist. With extensive training comes expertise, which is why patients find more favorable outcomes being treated by a specialist.

What foods should I avoid when in braces or clear aligners?

One of the benefits of clear aligners is their ability to be removed for eating, brushing and flossing. Patients being treated with clear aligners can enjoy most foods without any worry! Patients that have braces are encouraged to stay away from hard, crunchy or sticky foods, such as gum, hard candy, popcorn, in order to minimize breakage. Breaking braces only slows down treatment time and may cause minor discomfort from poking wires.

Do braces or clear aligners hurt?

It’s normal to be anxious about something new. When it comes to braces, many patients say that they do not hurt when they are first placed on the teeth. After a few hours to days, patients may express some discomfort. This can be eased by over-the-counter medications, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Soft foods and warm salt water rinses help soothe the mouth as well. Remember, it takes a few days to adjust and every patient responds differently!

How much do braces or clear aligners cost?

Our free consultation will help us evaluate your needs, so that we may offer you treatment options, as well as financial options, that are specific to you and your family. The cost of straightening teeth can vary significantly from patient to patient, based on the extent, complexity, and anticipated duration of each patient’s treatment, and the choice of orthodontic appliance. Always Orthodontics offers payment plans! We also want to work with you and your insurance company to maximize your orthodontic benefit. You are welcome to schedule your free consultation by calling 516-253-1016 or request an appointment here.