Why Do I Have To Wear My Retainer?

Let’s face it, when it comes to teeth, shift happens! Orthodontic tooth movement occurs as a force is applied to the teeth, either using braces or clear aligners. Once the force is removed from the teeth, when treatment is complete, the teeth want to move back to their original (crooked) position.

A retainer is used to keep the teeth in their desired, straightened position. It is made out of either metal wire and a plastic-like material (Hawley retainer) or a thermoformed plastic-like material (Essix retainer). Retainers are usually worn full time for a short period of time, when teeth are more susceptible to relapsing. Then, they are to be worn every night, to prevent shifting.

An alternative to removable retainers would be fixed or permanent retainers. Dr. Ava will review which option would work best for you once you finish treatment.

After spending many months wearing braces or clear aligners, the last thing you want is to have to go BACK into braces to re-align your teeth! Dr. Ava encourages her patients to be diligent with their retainers so that their straight teeth stay straight! If you previously had braces or lost your retainer, Dr. Ava can make you a custom retainer using a 3D scan of your teeth. Goopy impressions are a thing of the past! We have a no-gag policy at Always Orthodontics, where in a matter of minutes a scan is taken of your teeth in order for your custom retainer to be made. If you or your child is in need of a new retainer, call us at (516) 253-1016 and schedule your scan today!