LOVE your smile, Syosset!

What makes a smile beautiful?

There are many aspects of a beautiful smile. At your complimentary smile consultation, Dr. Ava will not only analyze your teeth and bite, but your facial features as well.  Symmetry, alignment, bite correction and smile architecture are all important in designing your smile.

Symmetry and Midlines: Here’s an exercise in examining your own dental midlines:  Imagine a straight line from the center of your hair line down to your chin, centered in the middle of your face.  Where do your teeth line up? Is it in the center of the imaginary line? Or is it off-center? Dr. Ava can shift your teeth to correctly line up in the middle of your face, to produce optimal symmetry.

Alignment: Are your teeth crooked or do they have gaps in between? Are they overlapping each other or do not line up properly? After orthodontic treatment at Always Orthodontics, Dr. Ava will align your teeth, close the gaps, and prevent them from bunching or crowding up against each other.

Bite Correction: If you have an open bite (Top teeth do not touch the bottom teeth in the front), deep bite (top teeth stick out from the bottom teeth too much), overbite or underbite, Dr. Ava can help correct bite issues with braces or clear aligners.

Smile Architecture: Do your upper teeth follow the curvature of your lower lip when you smile? Do your lower teeth show then you smile? All of these factors are examined when Dr. Ava analyzes your smile.  Producing the proper smile architecture is part of what orthodontic treatment can do for you.

If you would like to improve your dental symmetry, midlines, alignment, bite or smile architecture, we invite you to contact Always Orthodontics today at (516) 253-1016 to set up a complimentary smile assessment with Dr. Ava.  We look forward to making you smile, Syosset!