October is National Orthodontic Health Awareness Month


As we begin the month of October, many of us are getting into our back-to-school schedules, the leaves on the trees are changing colors here in New York, and the pumpkin spiced foods and beverages are everywhere.  For orthodontists, October is highlighted by “National Orthodontic Health Awareness Month”.  For many of our patients, October means Halloween, which in turn equates to CANDY!

Orthodontic Health Awareness can be highlighted by a few key facts.

  • Age 7 is the recommended age for a child’s first orthodontic check-up.
  • Orthodontic health relates to dental health and overall health.
    • Crowded teeth make it harder to brush and floss.
    • Certain habits such as thumb-sucking may cause changes in your child’s oral structures which may in turn affect speech and feeding.
  • Orthodontists not only straighten teeth, but they correct abnormal bites.
    • Abnormal bites can be categorized as crossbites, open bites, deep bites, overbites and underbites.
    • Other problems that can be corrected by orthodontist are crowded or crooked teeth, spacing or gaps between the teeth, narrow palates, extra teeth, missing teeth or impacted teeth.
  • Teeth can be straightened and bites can be corrected at ANY AGE!
  • Orthodontist spend an extra 3 years of specialty training to obtain their Specialty Certificate, after completing 4 years of Dental School.
  • Dr. Ava went the extra mile and obtained her Board Certification status from the American Board of Orthodontists, which only one out of every three orthodontists achieve.


The American Association of Orthodontists urges patients to choose braces-friendly treats at Halloween time. During orthodontic treatment with braces, it is important to remember that certain foods should be avoided in order to reduce breakage.  Any chewy, sticky, gooey candies or gum are on the “Forbidden Foods” list.  These foods not only break braces, but bend orthodontic wires in the wrong direction.  The more breakage a patient has, the longer treatment may take.  Alternative sweet treats are recommended, and @lways remember to brush and floss after enjoying these treats!