Tips for Getting Through Your First Week in Braces:

Congratulations on beginning your journey to a straighter, more confident smile! Let us walk you through a few tips and tricks to help you conquer your first week in braces, with a smile!


  1. Don’t be afraid to take an over-the-counter pain reliever for any soreness or discomfort upon arriving at home after getting your braces, and for a few days after.


  1. Eat a soft diet for the first few days. Braces friendly foods include smoothies, ice cream, soups, pasta, rice, eggs. Try to avoid biting into sandwiches, chewy meats or crunchy foods, as your teeth may be sensitive to these types of foods.

  1. Brush your teeth and braces for 2 minutes, at least 2-3 times per day. Floss daily as well! Using a braces-specific flosser like Superfloss™ or “Floss Threaders” may make it easier to get around the wires.

  1. Know how to handle minor emergencies at home. Don’t be afraid to use wax, provided by our office, for your comfort. Should a hook or wire poke your cheek, simply dry the poking surface with a cotton swab, roll up a small piece of wax between your clean fingers and press it onto the poking hook or wire. Use as often as needed for comfort, until your mouth gets used to the braces and wires.


  1. Your mouth WILL get adjusted to having something on your teeth 24/7! At first, they will feel foreign, but then after a few days, your lips, cheeks, and tongue will get accustomed to having the braces in their territory.


Don’t give up on your smile, the adjustment period will only last a short time and you will have beautiful, straight teeth to show off at the end of your treatment!

If you would like further information about braces, please call us at (516)253-1016 and we would be happy to help you on your way to a more confident smile!